1. Phone in Korean

저기요. 전화 있어요?

저기요 (jeo-gi-yo). 전화 (jeon-hwa) 있어요 (i-sseo-yo)?


저기요 (excuse me). 전화 (phone) 있 (to have) 어요 (I am now asking you politely, but friendly)?


Excuse me. Do you have a phone?

Literally, Excuse me. (You) have phone?

2. Phone number in Korean

전화 번호가 뭐예요?

전화 (jeon-hwa) 번호가 (beon-ho-ga) 뭐예요 (mwo-ye-yo)?


전화 (phone) 번호 (number) 가 (I am going to ask you phone number) 뭐 (what) 예요 (I am now asking you politely, but friendly)?


What’s your phone number?

Literally, What’s phone number?

3. cell phone in Korean

Cell Phone in Korean

핸드폰을 잃어버렸어요.

핸드폰을 (hen-deu-po-neul) 잃어 (i-leo) 버렸어요 (beo-ryeo-sseo-yo).


핸드폰 (cell phone) 을 (I am going to tell you my target, cell phone) 잃 (to lost) 어 버 (it finished all and nothing remains) (past) 어요 (I am now telling you politely, but friendly).


I lost my cell phone.

Literally, (I) lost cell phone.

* 버리 + 었 = 버렸

4. answering the phone in korean

Answering the phone in Korean

지금은 전화 받고 싶지 않아.

지금은 (ji-geu-meun) 전화 (jeon-hwa) 받고 (bat-go) 싶지 (sip-ji) 않아 (a-na).


지금 (now) 은 (my topic is now) 전화 (phone) 받 (to receive) 고 싶 (want to) 지 않 (not) 아 (I am now telling you casually).


I don’t want to answer the phone now.

Literally, (I) don’t want to receive phone now.

5. Phone call in Korean

남자 친구한테서 전화가 왔어.

남자 (nam-ja) 친구한테서 (chin-gu-han-te-seo) 전화가 (jeon-hwa-ga) 왔어 (wa-sseo).


남자 (man) 친구 (friend) 한테서 (from) 전화 (phone) 가 (my subject is phone call from my boyfriend) (to come) (past) 어 (I am now telling you casually).


I got a phone call from my boyfriend.

Literally, Phone call came from man friend.

* 오 + 았 = 왔

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