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training course For Korean conversation

With the training program, you can speak Korean in 3 months better than anyone else.


Creative lessons with story and conversation

All lessons and quizzes include visual elements such as cartoons or video elements so that you can easily and effortlessly understand the Korean language.

All the 100% Korean words and grammar in the lessons and quizzes are explained in a very simple way. I have opened some sample lessons for you, please check how I teach Korean.

Submit essay

After each lesson, you are required to write an essay. Submit the essay and I will proofread it and give you feedback.

Read quickly what you've learned

Read a whole script. I will check your recorded reading. Just repeat the reading quickly and find yourself improving Korean amazingly.

Conversation Lesson Lists

Flower Friends (Beginners)
Fallen Leaves (Intermediate)
Birthday Party Dress (Intermediate)
coming soon March 2022 for Beginners

Story Lesson Lists

Nature is My Friend (Beginners)
Junho’s Gifts (Intermediate)
Two Sons (Intermediate)
coming soon April 2022 for Beginners

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