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Grammar is
  • Selfish
  • Poisonous
  • Dirty
  • Dangerous

Grammar is the easiest way to teach

But grammar is the worst way to learn

The more you learn Korean, the less you can speak Korean

Why? It's because grammar is a bad friend!

Let me introduce you to my good friend!

He will show you full of pictures

He will show you consistent pattern of grammar

He will show you intuitive explanation

Hi, this course is targeted at those who just started Korean language learning, but don’t know where to start.
If you are a complete beginner, I recommend you to learn Korean sentence structure firstly, rather than grammars, pronunciations, or expressions. In this course, you can learn basic grammars through fun stories.

So easy absolute beginner course Basic Korean Grammar

Curriculum Guide

  • Story

    Try learning grammar with fun stories, not daunting explanations. Every sentence has its own picture and audio, including total explanations for all words in a very simple way.
  • Quiz

    Vocabulary, grammar, audio, matching, and story quizzes are provided for this course, which you have to solve through the context. Check out your score by category and level. And finally, after taking quizzes you can check results with simple explanations.
  • Read

    After enjoying the story and quiz, don't miss out on the chance of amazingly improving your Korean skills. Practice your Korean reading with video and text versions.
  • Kpop

    Time to Coffee Break! Enjoy Kpop with lyrics. And it will also enhance your listening skills

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is sick and tired of learning Korean grammars
  • Anyone who doesn't have any idea where to start Korean learning


  • No prior Korean grammars are required or assumed
  • Can you read Korean a little bit? No? OK, I don't mind.

What will I learn?

  • Learn Korean words, grammar, listening, speaking, writing and reading comprehensively by naturally reading
  • Understand Korean sentence structure
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